Friday, December 09, 2005

Cracked Wheat Upma

Upma was one of my least favorite things to eat growing up. Poor Mommie tried everything she could to make it look and sound appetizing. For some time, the word upma was taboo at home... Mommie insisted on calling it 'khichdi'. Still, when we put the spoon to our mouths, we would know it was no khichdi, but upma in disguise.

Now when I am far from all things home, upma has made an ironic come back in my life. I end up making upma once in a while simply because it is easy, quick and filling. The irony of it all is that Hubbie is not so fond of upma either :-) He scrunches his nose at the sound of it. But after reading this entry on Mahanandi about Cracked Wheat Upma, I decided that it sounded too nutritious to pass off just because of its 'taste' :-) The only change to the recipe I made was in the use of vegetables in my fridge. Also, in addition to water, I added a cube of frozen V8 vegetable juice that I keep in the freezer. (Pour V8 juice into ice trays, freeze, once set, transfer them into a freezer safe zip lock baggie. One or two cubes into a gravy vegetable is a great substitute... especially when you are running short on tomatoes)

I need to work on my pictures... too much shadow on this one... but the upma was great!!

So the moral of this discussion is that if your son/daughter is being too picky or finicky about food, just send them out into the big bad world to fend for themselves... Then they will learn to appreciate the goodness of home cooked food :-)


Indira said...

I felt the same way about upma growing up. My poor mother:)
Leaving the comforts of home, being on your own definitely brings a new perspective on food. Doesn't it?

Ah.. You linked to my old post, look at my photography skills at that time. Compared to those photos, yours is so much better.

Good tip on V8 juice.

shammi said...

I agree... upma used to be my least favourite tiffin - but now I'm much more favourably inclined towards it. Not crazy about it, but I do end up making it for a quick supper if I'm short of time or energy.

I like the way you write in your non-food posts as well! :)

Garam Masala said...

HI Indira -

Yup... At home, lunch and dinner and all the meals between gelled in seamlessly with the rest of the days activities... Lunch was there at lunch time, dinner at dinner time etc :-)And thanks for your encouraging words on photography :-) I am working on it.

Shammi - we have such a 'love-hate' relationship with upma :-) Thanks for your appreciative words for my posts!!

gini said...

Upma is the 'in thing' in my kitchen these days...My husband warns me that I am going to be sick of upma pretty soon..