Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And the award for the Most Misleading Product Name goes to...

This being Oscar season and all, I thought I would hand out of couple of awards of my own. First up, is the category of the Most Misleading Product Name. A clear winner in this category is the Post Grape Nuts cereal. The ingredients do not contain any grapes or nuts! Apparently this cereal was christened after its inventor Charles William Post, who reasoned that grape sugar is formed in the baking process of this cereal and that it has a nutty flavor! Talk about misleading... they should put that info on the box , like a statutory warning :-D. But it is supposed to be an excellent source of whole grain and therefore heart healthy.

I bought it at our local Costco some time back, simply because we were mostly tired of the other brands and cereal types. We try to stick to 'low' sugar cereals as much as our morning taste buds will allow. Grape nuts looked interesting, so we adventurously bought a wholesale sized carton. Showing incredible courage and will to eat healthy, we poured cereal and milk into our bowls. The first spoonful tasted like gravel and it only got worse from there on. We immediately gave it a more fitting name ... 'Hindi: Ghode Ka Chaara', translation Horse/Cattle feed. Hubbie promptly stopped eating it when he couldn't take it anymore and handed his bowl to me, saying he would pick up something for breakfast on his way to work. The next morning, we both got up with the same gloomy thought... 'Oh no, we forgot to pick up some cereal last night'!

We are still left with oodles of the un-Grape-Nuts, which we mix with other taste friendly cereals to decrease the impact of the healthy pebbles. And once again, we resolve to first try out new things in small quantities before buying bulkloads of them.


Indira said...

Ha ha...we also had the same experience with grape nuts.:)Have you seen the new post cereal with pecans... vile with tiny, hard to find pecan pieces in between. Skip that one too.:)

The best 'post' is honey oat with almonds. After the pecan experience we decided to stick with it. No more experiments for us, and that too I don't know why but, they are increasing the prices of these cereals almost every two months. It's not like they are adding any special extra ingredients. :)

Dee said...

You can use grape nuts in a variety of baked goods. I add them to muffins and it adds interesting texture to it.

Garam Masala said...

Indira - Great to know that I am not alone in my cereal quests :) Yup, I agree that Honey bunches of Oats w/ Almonds is the best cereal by far!

Dee - Thanks for stopping by. As soon as I read your comment, I googled for recipes using Grape nuts, and sure enough, I found multiple useful hits. Thanks for the tip!

Ashwini said...

Welcome to America! Where nothing is as it seems :-)

BDSN said...

Well thanks guys for letting me know the best of 'Post' That would be my next try....Is honey bunch of oats same as the one with almonds?

Well I feel sometimes the pictures are also misleading...I bought Mini wheats from Kellogs assuming they would have berries as they had shown in the picture but poor me no berries..just plain cereals...like the title suggested..which i obviously missed reading..

Garam Masala said...

Well said Ashwini!

Bdsn, I would definitely recommend HBO (Honey Bunches of Oats) to anyone!
If you look aroung cereal box pictures with a magnifying glass, you will notice it sometimes says 'Serving Suggestion' meaning, the fruits and milk are not included in the cereal!

Kay said...

Oh dear! Another one of those episodes where we end up thinking 'Uh, what were they thinking of?'

Holy JalapeƱo said...

LoL! Oh dear.. this brings back memories of our similar nightmare with grape nuts. We had to throw out the whole box rather than face those terrible pellets again! and yes, I love honey bunches of oats with almonds. Even my kids eat it :-)

Meenal Mehta said...

hey I added you to my blog pal list ..see you around:)

Priyamvada_K said...

Eat grape nuts like hot cereal. Microwave with some milk the way you cook oats. Remove and taste. If soft enough, add some raisins/fruit, nuts etc.

Can be actually quite tasty eaten this way.

I too tried the other way, and out of frustration did the above. Now I like Grape Nuts.


Erin Eats said...

We eat Grape Nuts almost every morning, mainly for the health benefits, not so much for the taste.. obviously.

We mix ours with yogurt and fruit, but the key is to let them sit in the yogurt for a minute or two before you eat them, it kind of takes the edge off the ridiculous crunch that they have.


Lilinah said...

Ah, Grape Nuts. I'm American, and that was the ONLY cereal my father would eat. He'd pour in plenty of milk - but he really loved it with half-and-half.

They're better if you let them set a while to soften once you add the milk, and then add more milk if needed.

I still have a fondness for them. And, yes, indeed, if you don't let them sit a while, it sure feels like you're eating gravel :-)

It must have been quite a shock, since you had no idea what it was going to be like. You have my sympathies :-)